We Need Veterans Acting, Directing and Producing Films In Hollywood

Hollywood has produced some amazing combat films over the years. Let's be honest, millions of people all over the United States and millions of people around the world love to see a great military movie. There is something that touches each one of us when it comes to patriotic films. Maybe it is the adrenaline each of us feel when watching men and women put their lives on the line for others or maybe it is the sense of honor and courage that our men and women possess being displayed for everyone right there on the big screen. Maybe it is the timeless concept of the struggle between good and evil that touches the hearts and minds of each and every person watching. Whatever it is that makes these films so popular, it is evident that people of every race, color, background and nationality enjoy them and continue to want to spend their hard-earned money to go to the theaters and watch them. Read more →

Sometimes Things Don't Always Go As Expected...

I wouldn't be the first one, and probably not the last, to say that things don't always go the way that one has planned. One could can spend hours, days or even years coming up with a dream that they would like to come true and despite all that effort, it doesn’t always make it so. No matter how much someone has their heart set on something, reality may say otherwise. Other things don’t always come in the time frame that one had hoped they would. We always hear these phrases like “the best things come to those who wait” or “keep your eye on the prize” and we try to stay motivated hoping that things will eventually just work themselves out, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Sometimes reality starts to eat away at us and that glimmer of hope begins to fade away a bit. Read more →

My Thoughts on Netflix's New Series "13 Reasons Why"

I just got done binge watching the new Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" this weekend. As someone who has spent a short amount of time in the film industry I can appreciate how well put together this series was and how they weren't afraid to cover such a controversial topic. As someone who has spent his life watching all sorts of movies and different television series over the years I thought this was a powerful and somewhat addicting new series that truly pulled the viewer in and enticed the viewer to want more. As a parent of three children, I had a somewhat different reaction to it. Read more →

The Moleskin Diary Won the Coveted Gold Remi Award at #Worldfest Houston 2017

Great news everyone! For those of you who haven't been following The Moleskin Diary's progress in the film festivals this year you'll be happy to know that it won the coveted Gold Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston 2017 film festival this past weekend. Zach Brown, Julia Voth and Hannah Stock had a chance to make the trip to Houston to enjoy the festival. Read more →

One of the Most Relaxing Days I've Had in a Long Time

Sometimes I get so caught up in my daily life that I forget to stop every now and then, take a deep breath and just look around. This weekend I had some time in the morning so I decided to wake up a little bit earlier and take Gunny for a little walk, like I usually do, but this time I wasn't in a rush to go anywhere. Gunny and I walked down the road and just hung out for a little bit enjoying the views. Read more →